Is Your Child Ready?

So how do you know that your child is ready to use the toilet and wants to learn to take control?

As soon as your child crosses the age of 1½ years old, start keeping an eye on them to see if they see uncomfortable with the diaper and seem to take an interest in urinating or pooing in the potty chair instead of in the diaper. Below are some other things that will indicate that your child is ready and want to start their potty training session.

>              Your toddler will become more and more uncomfortable with their wet or soiled diaper. They will tell you about it and ask to be changed.

>              Become controlled enough to be able to sit at one place for more than 2 minutes.

>              Urinates for a long time in one go and has proper bowel movements.

>              Remains dry for 2 hours or more at one point in time. Stays completely dry during nap time or wakes up after a whole night with a dry diaper. This shows that they are learning to control their bladder muscles.

>              Can understand instructions easily and does not have difficulty in removing their underclothes.

>              Understands the need to go to the bathroom and shows an interest in other people’s bathroom habits.

>              Is cooperative when you try teaching them bathroom habits and does not demonstrate any kind of resistance. Instead they show a desire to learn independence.

>              Can at least explain through non-verbal gestures that they need to go to the bathroom. But their indications should be clear about what they want to do.

>              Even of the kid is not able to sit on the potty by themselves and get off too, you can help them get on and off. But the child should show the inclination to go each time themselves.

>              If the child seems interested in wearing adult under wears.

If your child shows most of these signs then it becomes clear that they are ready to begin their potty training. You need to keep in mind that the inclination and readiness of your child might not be enough. You too need to be ready to begin training them. If you are scared and aren’t sure about the situation yourself then your child will never have the confidence to do anything.

As a parent, your behavior and attitude is something that your child picks up on immediately. This means that if you are reluctant about something then the likelihood of them getting it is immense. You need to have confidence about what you intend to get into so that your child is equally inspired and motivated into doing whatever tasks you set them.

Always keep in mind that the only thing that can get your child to learn quickly is how you try to help them.

The Key to Training Your Child

What is the basic, one most important thing that you need to do when training your child? The simplest answer to this is patience and persistence. Like everything else in your life, potty training requires that you give your child time to learn. I would like to stress again and again on the fact that the stage where your child is learning to handle their own toilet concerns is a big step for them.

For a child it is stepping out of the connection they had with their mother and coming to terms with the concept of being their own person. Imagine learning something that huge. This is the reason why you need to give them some time to do things on their own pace. If you rush them into learning something, they will never be able to do anything correctly.

What happens is that people who end up pressurizing their young ones into doing things correctly without giving them time to learn end up with children who suffer from bed wetting and difficulty in control of their bowels. This is because the idea of not being able to meet their parents’ expectations can be stressful for the child and could discourage them from learning.

Such stress could also become a road block in their ability to understand what is being taught. For example, if a child is a good learner generally but seems to be stuck on the potty training session, it must mean that there is something that is hindering the process. I would suggest that you check your behavior and attitude towards the whole thing. Could it be that you are too adamant? Strict? Unsupportive or non-encouraging?

Please know that nothing is more important than how you handle this phase of your child’s life. For a child, the approval and support of their parents has lasting consequence. So make sure that you remain calm, encouraging and patient. This way your child would always know that no matter how fast or slow they are, nothing is more important than their well being for you.

There will be times when your child refuses to do what you ask of them, when they get in a fussy mood and do not want to be responsible for themselves, and even when they sometimes deliberately wet themselves. It is these times when they need your support most. You will have to constantly remind them that yes, they can do it and you are always there to help them in any way you can.

I do not mean to say that you won’t need to be strict from time to time. Just that even when you are strict or getting some message across, it can be done in a firm, yet loving tone and method. Your child needs you to tell them again and again that they can do anything they want and no matter what happens, you will always love them.

Patience is the key to getting any task done appropriately. Bear in mind that your parents did it too, so it is only the circle of life that you get to do it as well.

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